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Merit Badge Information

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 American BUsiness merit badgeAmerican Business          American Cultures merit badgeAmerican CulturesAmerican Heritage merit badgeAmerican HeritageAmerican Labor merit badgeAmerican LaborAnimal Science merit badgeAnimal Science                  Archaeology merit badgeArchaeology        Archery merit badgeArchery                     Architecture merit badgeArchitectureArt merit badgeArt                                      
 Astronomy merit badgeAstronomy           Athletics merit badgeAthletics                    Atomic Energy merit badgeAtomic EnergyAutomotive Maintenance merit badgeAutomotive MaintenanceAviation merit badgeAviation              Backpacking merit badgeBackpacking              Basketry merit badgeBasketryBird Study merit badgeBird Study                            Bugling merit badgeBugling            Camping merit badgeCamping                      Canoeing merit badgeCanoeingCarpentry merit badgeCarpentry                             Chemistry merit badgeChemistry         Chess merit badgeChess         Citizenship in the Community merit badgeCitizenship in the Community
Citizenship in the Nation merit badgeCitizenship in the NationCitizenship in the World merit badgeCitizenship in the WorldClimbing merit badgeClimbingCoin Collecting merit badgeCoin CollectingCollections merit badgeCollections                      Communication merit badgeCommunication       Comoposite Materials merit badgeComposite MaterialsComputers merit badgeComputersCooking merit badgeCooking                        Crime Prevention merit badgeCrime Prevention       Cycling merit badgeCycling                      Dentistry merit badgeDentistryDisabilities Awareness merit badgeDisabilities AwarenessDog Care merit badgeDog Care                    Drafting merit badgeDrafting                    Electricity merit badgeElectricityElectronics merit badgeElectronics                  Emergency Preparedness merit badgeEmergency PreparednessEnergy merit badgeEnergy              Engineering merit badgeEngineering
Fingerprinting merit badgeFingerprinting        Fire Safety merit badgeFire Safety                  First Aid merit badgeFirst Aid      Fish and Wildlife Management merit badgeFish and Wildlife ManagementFishing merit badgeFishing                  Fly Fishing merit badgeFly Fishing                 Forestry merit badgeForestry     Game Design merit badgeGame DesignGardening merit badgeGardening          Genealogy merit badgeGenealogy                  Geocaching merit badgeGeocachingGeology merit badgeGeologyGolf merit badgeGolf                     Graphic Arts merit badgeGraphic Arts              Hiking merit badgeHiking           
Journalism merit badgeJournalism    Kayaking merit badgeKayaking                        Landscape Architecture merit badgeLandscape ArchitectureLaw merit badgeLawLeatherwork merit badgeLeatherwork
Lifesaving merit badgeLifesaving                    Mammal Study merit badgeMammal Study        Medicine merit badgeMedicineMetalwork merit badgeMetalwork   Mining in Society merit badgeMining in Society        Model Design and Building merit badgeModel Design and BuildingMotorboating merit badgeMotorboatingMoviemaking merit badgeMoviemakingMusic merit badgeMusic                         Nature merit badgeNature                             Nuclear Science merit badgeNuclear ScienceOceanography merit badgeOceanographyOrienteering merit badgeOrienteering         Painting merit badgePainting                          Pathfinding merit badgePathfindingPersonal Fitness merit badgePersonal FitnessPersonal Management merit badgePersonal ManagementPets merit badgePets                   Photography merit badgePhotographyPioneering merit badgePioneering       Plant Science merit badgePlant Science       Plumbing merit badgePlumbing                     Pottery merit badgePotteryProgramming merit badgeProgrammingPublic Health merit badgePublic Health         
 Public Speaking merit badgePublic Speaking          Pulp and Paper merit badgePulp and PaperRadio merit badgeRadio      Railroading merit badgeRailroading             Reading merit badgeReading                        Reptile and Amphibian Study merit badgeReptile and Amphibian StudyRifle Shooting merit badgeRifle ShootingRobotics merit badgeRobotics               Rowing merit badgeRowing                          Safety merit badgeSafetySalesmanship merit badgeSalesmanshipScouting Heritage merit badgeScouting HeritageScholarship merit badgeScholarship                Scuba Diving merit badgeScuba DivingSculpture merit badgeSculpture     
 Stamp Collecting merit badgeStamp Collecting    Sustainability merit badgeSustainabilitySurveying merit badgeSurveying              Swimming merit badgeSwimmingTextiles merit badgeTextile                                  Theater merit badgeTheaterTracking merit badgeTracking               Traffic Safety merit badgeTraffic SafetyTruck Transportation merit badgeTruck Transportation     Veterinary Medicine merit badgeVeterinary MedicineWater Sports merit badgeWater Sports     Weather merit badgeWeather        Welding merit badgeWelding                  Whitewater merit badgeWhitewaterWilderness Survival merit badgeWilderness Survival

The BSA merit badge program includes over 133 different areas of knowledge and skills. As soon as a scout joins a troop, he can start earning merit badges. The only limitations are his ambition and availability of adult merit badge counselors.

Merit Badge Pamphlets: Each BSA merit badge has an official pamphlet which contains requirements, introductory information and supplemental references. Scouts can purchase pamphlets from a scout shop or find them in their troop library. Pamphlets are updated every few years, so be sure to get the most recent copy. 

Merit Badge Counselors: Volunteers are selected, trained, and approved by council or district committees to teach scouts about specific merit badges. They are knowledgeable in the topic and understand the goals of scouting and the merit badge program. 

Process: When a scout decides to earn a merit badge, he first obtains approval to begin from his Scoutmaster. The Scoutmaster provides the scout with names of appropriate BSA merit badge counselors. The scout finds a scout buddy to be his partner for meetings with the merit badge counselor to follow safe scouting guidelines. He then contacts the counselor to start working on the badge. The counselor reviews the requirements with the scouts and they decide on projects and a schedule. Expertise, advice, and guidance as needed is offered by the counselor to the scouts. The counselor certifies their completion and the merit badge is presented at a troop meeting. 

Required Merit Badges: A scout can start earning merit badges as soon as he joins a troop, but merit badges are not required for advancement until Star rank. Star, Life, and Eagle ranks are reached by performing leadership, service, and merit badges. 

Eagle rank requires completion of at least 21 BSA merit badges.



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